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Mark Winegardner
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Short Answer Questions

1. Two days after his final television show, Fredo is shot to death. Who shoots Fredo?

2. After leaving Michael, where do his ex-wife and children settle down?

3. While Nick is meeting with the person he traveled to Sicily to see, he requests the names of several men that Nick can set up in legitimate business in the U.S. that are not Mafia-affiliated, but can be called upon when needed. What business will Nick set them up running?

4. After Nick's father arrives in New York, the family explores the city together. What do they do?

5. Who does Michael appoint to help his successor transition into his new role?

Short Essay Questions

1. After receiving the upsetting phone call and sending Kathy and Sonny out to dinner, what does Francesca realize that Kathy has been right about?

2. While at Russo's private gambling club, Tom realizes that Russo will not let Tom leave the club alive. What tips Tom off to Russo's plan?

3. Describe the purpose of the "pizza men" that Nick requests during his meeting in Sicily.

4. According to Forlenza's information, why is Nick's plane sabotaged?

5. Why is Tom surprised by the results of the background check he conducts on Lucadello?

6. Why does Vito feel that he has no other choice but to bring Sonny into the family business?

7. When Kay accepts Michael's invitation to the Inaugural Ball, why does Michael believe that she's accepted? Why does she actually accept?

8. When Michael moves back to New York and brings Kathy, Francesca, Sonny, and the Hagens to live with him, what does Michael vow to never tell Francesca?

9. Why does Michael make it a point to attend the funeral for baby Carmela, even though neither Francesca's twin sister nor Billy's parents attend the funeral?

10. How does Nick pull Fredo into his scheme to undermine Michael Corleone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The entire story takes place primarily in several different locations. Compare and contrast each of the following locations in the story - New York, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe. Be sure to include how the characters are treated in each of these locations, as well as how they live and interact with each other. Of the three above locations in the story, which location would you most prefer to live in and why?

Essay Topic 2

Francesca and Kathy have been raised in the same environment and denied the same knowledge about their family's history during the formative years of their lives. While they grow into different women, the twins have a special relationship that ebbs and flows as the plot moves forward.

a. Compare and contrast the twins in terms of their attitudes and relationships.

b. Discuss how the twins' relationship was tested at the following times: when they left for college, when Francesca began seeing Billy, and when Francesca killed Billy.

c. Why might Winegardner have chosen to have these characters be twins, and not just sisters? What point is he trying to get across? Is he successful? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Both Fredo and Louie seek to do Michael harm. Compare and contrast these two characters. Be sure to discuss their motivations, character qualities, personal history with Michael, and tools at their disposal. Which of these two characters causes greater harm and/or heartache for Michael? Explain your answer.

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