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Mark Winegardner
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Short Answer Questions

1. At a press conference following the Inaugural Ball, who is being hammered by reporters?

2. Where does the person that Michael is planning to use in order to ensure his family's safety work?

3. Who does Michael appoint to help his successor transition into his new role?

4. What does Michael's ex-wife accuse Michael of while they are at the Inaugural Ball?

5. When Michael decides to leave Las Vegas, where does he build the new compound for his family?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to what Kay tells Michael at the Inaugural Ball, why does she leave their marriage?

2. While the women are preparing dinner at the Corleone compound in Lake Tahoe, Tom and Michael discuss Billy Van Arsdale's career. Why has Billy's career stalled?

3. When she's six months pregnant, Francesca feels unloved and trapped in her marriage. Why?

4. What does Michael learn on Parris Island that would prove to have a lasting impact on the people around him?

5. Describe the semi-retirement arrangement that Michael tells Nick he's putting into place as he turns the day-to-day reins over to Nick.

6. After receiving the upsetting phone call and sending Kathy and Sonny out to dinner, what does Francesca realize that Kathy has been right about?

7. When she's six months pregnant, Billy takes Francesca to various embassy and hotel parties and is very attentive to her. What does Francesca believe is motivating Billy's attentiveness?

8. While at Russo's private gambling club, Tom realizes that Russo will not let Tom leave the club alive. What tips Tom off to Russo's plan?

9. When Michael moves back to New York and brings Kathy, Francesca, Sonny, and the Hagens to live with him, what does Michael vow to never tell Francesca?

10. When Kay accepts Michael's invitation to the Inaugural Ball, why does Michael believe that she's accepted? Why does she actually accept?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characteristics, roles, loyalties, and agendas of the following people in the story: Michael Corleone, Don Forlenza, Pete Clemenza, and Louie Russo.

Essay Topic 2

There are many attempts by Michael to leave the family business and go legitimate. Identify at least three of Michael's attempts to go legitimate. How do these situations differ? How are these situations similar? Overall, how successful are Michael's attempts to become a legitimate business man? Could Michael ever have been truly legitimate? Why or why not? Support your reasoning with examples from the story.

Essay Topic 3

The author uses several different literary techniques as the story is told in regard to the story's flow. Describe the techniques of both flashbacks and foreshadowing. How are each of these techniques used in the story? Give specific examples of each technique. Why might the author have chosen to use both of these techniques in the story? Is the story enhanced by the use of these two techniques? Why or why not?

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