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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Hermione's secret date to the Yule Ball?
(a) Neville Longbottom.
(b) Viktor Krum.
(c) Fred Weasley.
(d) Cedric Diggory.

2. What does Snape think Harry stole from his office?
(a) A potions book.
(b) Polyjuice potion.
(c) Eye of newt.
(d) Gillyweed.

3. What spell does Harry use when Voldemort tries to use the Killing Curse on him?
(a) A stunning spell.
(b) The Patronus Charm.
(c) Expelliarmus.
(d) Alohamora.

4. Why does Fudge not believe that Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater?
(a) He needs Malfoy's money.
(b) Malfoy has already undergone a trial and was found innocent.
(c) Malfoy is his trusted associate.
(d) Malfoy's family would lose everything if he followed Voldemort.

5. Who originally put Sirius into Azkaban without a fair trial?
(a) Mad-Eye Moody.
(b) Mr. Crouch.
(c) Dumbledore.
(d) Lupin.

6. Who does Hagrid take as his date to the Yule Ball?
(a) A friend of his from the pub in Hogsmeade.
(b) Professor Sprout.
(c) Professor McGonnegall.
(d) Madame Maxime.

7. What does Sirius ask Harry to bring when he meets him in town?
(a) A broom.
(b) His invisibility cloak.
(c) Food.
(d) Clothing.

8. What compliment does Krum give Harry while they are walking in the forest?
(a) He is a good quidditch player.
(b) He is very smart.
(c) He is very brave.
(d) He is a good friend.

9. How does Voldemort call his followers to him in the cemetery?
(a) He sends some owls to fetch them.
(b) They appear as they feel his power growing.
(c) He casts a summoning spell.
(d) He touches the mark on Wormtail's arm.

10. What does Krum ask Harry when he takes Harry into the forest?
(a) If he would mind if Krum asks Hermione to go on a date.
(b) If he knows why Hermione has been crying.
(c) If Hermione talks about him.
(d) If he has feelings for Hermione.

11. What happens when Harry opens the egg under water?
(a) A written message appears on the water.
(b) He sees an image of a mermaid.
(c) A light appears.
(d) He hears a rhyme sung.

12. Where is the third challenge going to take place?
(a) The Forbidden Forest.
(b) The town of Hogsmeade.
(c) The quidditch pitch.
(d) The dungeons at Hogwarts.

13. What does Dobby give Harry just before the second task is to begin?
(a) A spell to summon his broom.
(b) Gillyweed.
(c) A translation book for Merfolk speech.
(d) A good luck sock.

14. Where does Harry go after waking from his dream in Divination class?
(a) The infirmiry.
(b) Dumbledore's office.
(c) Sirius's cave.
(d) The Gryffindor common room.

15. What does Harry see when his and Voldemort's wands are strangely locked together?
(a) The spirits of the people Voldemort has killed.
(b) His life force draining.
(c) Great sparks.
(d) Red flames of fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these does Voldemort NOT need in order to re-claim his body?

2. What secret about the golden egg does Cedric tell Harry during the Yule Ball?

3. What does Harry have to figure out how to do before the second task?

4. Why does Fleur hope to come back to England some day?

5. What does Rita Skeeter write about Hermione after the second challenge?

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