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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 32 – Flesh Blood and Bones.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Victor Krum supposed to save from the lake?
(a) Hermione.
(b) Karkaroff.
(c) His best friend.
(d) His little brother.

2. Who comes to see Harry just before his third challenge?
(a) Ludo Bagman.
(b) Remus Lupin.
(c) Mrs. Weasley and Bill.
(d) Sirius Black.

3. What was the Goblet?
(a) A portkey.
(b) A messenger.
(c) An evil omen.
(d) Voldemort in disguise.

4. Where is Sirius hiding now that he has come to see Harry?
(a) In the forest.
(b) With Hagrid.
(c) Somewhere in town.
(d) In a forgotten room at Hogwarts.

5. What does the Goblet of Fire do?
(a) Offers a reward to the winner of the tournament.
(b) Chooses the contestants for the tournament.
(c) Announces the winner of the tournament.
(d) Announces the tasks of the tournament.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is criticized in the newspaper for the embarrassing situation with Mad-Eye Moody?

2. Why does Harry's first choice for the big dance refuse him?

3. Why do the wizards all have to dress in muggle clothing while at the campsite for the Quidditch World Cup?

4. What does Hagrid do after reading an article by Rita Skeeter?

5. How does Harry tie with Cedric even though he was the last to arrive?

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