Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Years ago, Tom Riddle, his wife, and son were found dead at the dining room table with their mouths and eyes open in expressions of sheer terror.

* Years later, Frank Bryce, the gardener, seeing a strange light, goes up to the empty house to see what is happening.

* Standing outside the door of the drawing room, he hears a conversation between two strangers, Wormtail and Lord Voldemort.

* Frank does not understand the conversation, but feels the evil. He is just about to run to the police when a huge snake appears.

* In cold blood, Voldemort waves his wand, and with a green light and a rushing sound, Frank drops dead.

* Two hundred miles away Harry Potter wakes with a terrible pain in his scar.

* Harry, who is now fourteen years old, reflects on his life story. The dark wizard Voldemort...

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