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Simon Mawer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Lanik," Lanik confesses to knowing about whose affair?
(a) Viktor and Hana's.
(b) Viktor and Kata's.
(c) Marika and Viktor's.
(d) Tomas and Zdenka's.

2. In "Dispossession," Lanik shows the Landauer house to whom?
(a) A Nazi official.
(b) Rainer von Abt.
(c) Viktor.
(d) A Russian official.

3. Viktor gets into an argument with an official in "Ocean" and is hit with what object?
(a) A whip.
(b) A pan handle.
(c) The butt of a gun.
(d) A book.

4. One of the pictures that Hana gives Zdenka in "Confession" shows Tomas tightly holding hands with whom?
(a) Kata.
(b) Ottilie.
(c) Liesel.
(d) Eve.

5. In "Ocean," the Landauers watch as some people in the front of the line are being let back on board the train while others are being taken to which location?
(a) To a prison.
(b) To another train.
(c) To a hut.
(d) To an incinerator.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ondine was a water nymph who fell in love with what?

2. In "Storm," Stahl is furious because Hana has not _________.

3. When the Landauers reach the front of the line in "Ocean," who gives all the papers for everyone?

4. Who at first relents from letting the Nazi scientist into the Landauer home in "Occupation"?

5. While Hana believes she has fallen in love many times in her life, she knows her main loves were _______.

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