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Simon Mawer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Encounter," Stahl sits in the cafe that Hana and __________would often visit.
(a) Liesel.
(b) Martin.
(c) Viktor.
(d) Ottilie.

2. During "Examination," Hana decides to go visit Stahl at the house, where he takes her measurements and photographs her ____________.
(a) Wearing a gown.
(b) Nude.
(c) In a wig.
(d) Wearing a tiara.

3. What was Lanik's position at the Landauer House?
(a) Court jester.
(b) Tutor.
(c) Chef.
(d) Groundskeeper.

4. While Hana believes she has fallen in love many times in her life, she knows her main loves were _______.
(a) Viktor and Zdenka.
(b) Liesel and Zdenka.
(c) Oskar and Liesel.
(d) Oskar and Zdenka.

5. In "Paris," Tomas is scheduled to attend a medical conference and arrange for whom to attend?
(a) Zdenka.
(b) Oskar.
(c) Eve.
(d) Hana.

6. In "Confession," Zdenka receives a call from whom, requesting a meeting?
(a) Hana.
(b) Viktor.
(c) Oskar.
(d) Lanik.

7. In "Leaving," Hana reveals in a letter that she is sleeping with Stahl for money because all of Oskar's money and possessions have been __________.
(a) Taken to America.
(b) Buried.
(c) Seized.
(d) Sold.

8. Whom does the official tell to go to the hut in "Ocean"?
(a) Viktor.
(b) Liesel.
(c) Kata.
(d) Oskar.

9. What are the passengers on the train told to line up on the platform with in "Ocean"?
(a) Their children.
(b) Their insurance cards.
(c) Their luggage.
(d) Their papers.

10. Why does Stahl say he and his wife were outcasts when they married?
(a) She was Jewish.
(b) He was Jewish.
(c) There were siblings.
(d) They were first cousins.

11. As Liesel is writing a reply to Hana in "Leaving," Viktor bursts into the room to announce that what have arrived?
(a) The Nazis.
(b) The children.
(c) The tickets to America.
(d) The tickets to London.

12. In "Decision," Stahl has the opportunity to meet whom when he and other Jews are brought in to be measured?
(a) Viktor.
(b) Liesel.
(c) Oskar.
(d) Rainer.

13. In "Storm," Stahl does not understand Hana's concern for the Jews until she reveals what information?
(a) Her sister married a Jewish man.
(b) Her husband is Jewish.
(c) She is Jewish.
(d) Her father was Jewish.

14. Ondine curses her lover that if he falls asleep he will _________.
(a) Stop breathing.
(b) Be able to fly.
(c) Kill someone.
(d) Have nightmares.

15. When was Joseph-Maurice Ravel born?
(a) 1919.
(b) 1875.
(c) 1896.
(d) 1815.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Liesel dream of constantly in "Dissolution"?

2. Hana reveals to Stahl in "Storm" that she is __________.

3. What German Nazi scientist opens a laboratory in the old Landauer home in "Occupation"?

4. One day in "Dissolution," Liesel receives a disturbing letter from her mother who calls the Nazis what?

5. Where was Joseph-Maurice Ravel born?

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