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Simon Mawer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Occupation 225 - 272.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who attends the Landauers house-warming party and completely basks in all the glory of the house?
(a) Rainer von Abt.
(b) Zdenka.
(c) Tomas.
(d) Ottilie.

2. Who tells Liesel she wants to sleep with Eva and help her escape from her horrible husband in "Ecstasy"?
(a) Oskar.
(b) Hana.
(c) Viktor.
(d) Zdenka.

3. The team of scientists who begin a laboratory in the Landauer house in "Occupation" are trying to find quantifiable differences between ______________.
(a) Nazis and Arabs.
(b) Jews and other races.
(c) Quantum genetics and solar energy.
(d) Time and space.

4. Why does Stahl say he and his wife were outcasts when they married?
(a) She was Jewish.
(b) There were siblings.
(c) They were first cousins.
(d) He was Jewish.

5. In "Robots," Viktor goes to the cottage to see Kata. Because she is not there, he writes her a note saying what?
(a) How much he misses her.
(b) How much he loves her.
(c) He is getting divorced.
(d) He is leaving.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Swimming" begins with a letter from Hana to Liesel in which she describes the German scientist and what?

2. As "Memories" begins, Hana reveals that which lover is leaving her?

3. What was adopted as a symbol of the Nazi Party of Germany in 1920?

4. Where does Viktor plan to take his family during the invasion in "Proposal"?

5. In "Gossip," Liesel learns that her nanny will leave the family for what reason?

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