Objects & Places from The Glass Room

Simon Mawer
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The Landauer House/Glass Room

This structure was built by Rainer Von Abt for the central family in the narrative.

Mesto, Czechoslovakia

This town is where Liesel, Viktor, and Hana all grew up.


Liesel and Viktor go to this location on the first leg of their honeymoon.


This location is where the Landauers would spend much of their holidays.


During World War II, many Europeans had to go through this country to get to the United States.


The Landauers first escape to this country when it seems like they will have to immediately evacuate their hometown.

The cafe in Mesto

Hana and Liesel visited this location to spend time together and talk.

The cottage

When Liesel contracts the pox as a child, she is sent to this location to recover.

Grand Piano

This is the only item left by the Landauers when they flee...

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