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Simon Mawer
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Lesson 1 (from Part I, Chapters Honeymoon - Commitment, pp. 1-30)


Part I, Chapters Honeymoon - Commitment, pp. 1-30

The Glass Room is a novel written by Simon Mawer . It was published in 2009. The narrative, set largely in Czechoslovakia, takes place over the span of 60 years, starting in the early 1920s and spanning into the Cold War that gripped Eastern Europe. The story follows the relationship of Liesel and Viktor Landauer and the house they build to share their lives together in. In this lesson, students are introduced to the novel, and they will research its author, Simon Mawer.


1) Teacher Lecture: Introduce the students to the book and author. The Glass Room, published in 2009, is a novel spanning over 60 years which examines the impacts of World War II and the Cold War on the lives of a Czechoslovakian family and the glass house that was built for them. British author Simon Mawer has written eight novels...

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