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Simon Mawer
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Part I, Chapters Honeymoon - Commitment, pp. 1-30

• "Honeymoon" begins with Liesel and Viktor Landauer arriving in Vienna, having just gotten married and thrilled to finally be alone together.

• The original plan was to spend two days in Vienna and then continue driving through Italy and Austria; for the most part the couple has a wonderful time on their drive.

• In Venice, while visiting a local cafe, they meet an interesting Viennese architect named Rainer Von Abt; he discovers that they are Czech Jews and seems shocked.

• Rainer insists that he wants to build a glass space for man to inhabit and Viktor begins to think that this glass house should be for them.
• As "Commitment" begins, the couple dines by candlelight on the balcony of their hotel room and decide to ask Rainer to build their new house.

• Liesel's family gave the newlyweds a piece of land...

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