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Lee, Hyeonseo
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Short Answer Questions

1. The author states that once she entered kindergarten, she never again belonged to her parents, but instead belonged to whom?

2. To what figure is Chapter 14's title referring in its statement that "The great heart has stopped beating" on the chapter's title page?

3. The author states that while schooling in North Korea is technically free, what other condition is true?

4. On what type of transport is Hyeonseo's mother traveling when she meets Hyeonseo's father?

5. What was the true cause of Hyeonseo's father's death?

Short Essay Questions

1. What event causes Hyeonseo to change her behavior of listening to South Korean pop with her friends?

2. What major rite of passage within North Korea's culture does Hyeonseo undergo when she is 14 years old?

3. What quality of her mother's personality does Hyeonseo state is an unusual trait for a woman of high songbun?

4. What is ironic about the North Korean government's use of the term "people's trial" (27)?

5. When Hyeonseo's grandmother tells her the truth about her biological father and stepfather, what is Hyeonseo's response and what does she say that she should have done instead?

6. How is Hyeonseo's mother's devotion to Hyeonseo's father demonstrated in the scene when Hyeonseo's father does not return on time from his business trip to China?

7. How is the theme of language as a tool of manipulation present within the North Korean campaign of 1992?

8. What does the author say is the reason that "kindness toward strangers is rare in North Korea" (38)?

9. How does Hyeonseo interpret the fortune-teller's announcement that Hyeonseo will have "a future connected with music" and will "eat foreign rice" (43)?

10. How is the theme of appearance versus reality demonstrated within the description of Hyeonseo's mother's behavior once her husband has been detained for ten days?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the theme of compassion arising out of understanding emerge throughout the course of the narrative?

Essay Topic 2

The epilogue of the memoir provides the reader with Hyeonseo's final thoughts about how her North Korean upbringing and her subsequent life events have shaped her as a person. Discuss the author's choice to include this epilogue and its intended effect on the reader within the context of the whole memoir.

Essay Topic 3

Deception is a theme that shows up often in The Girl with Seven Names, both in relation to the author's use of deceit to elude her would-be captors and in relation to the deceptive techniques employed by the North Korean secret police in their quest to identify traitors. Develop a claim stating the author's message regarding deception and prove your claim with at least three instances of deception within the memoir.

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