Objects & Places from The Girl With Seven Names

Lee, Hyeonseo
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These objects symbolize the danger inherent in individualism in a tightly-controlled society such as North Korea. These objects are worn by the author to school in an effort to differentiate herself, even though doing so puts her in grave danger of standing out among the crowd and of being labeled as hostile.


These objects represent unconditional allegiance to the leaders, even to the point of risking death. These objects are saved by the author's father when he rushes back into the family's burning home to save them. Doing so would usually earn a commendation from the government, but the author reveals that it had been too late for her father, since unbeknownst to him, he had already been under investigation by the government.


This object represent luck winning out over extreme danger. The author is on this object with her family when it is boarded...

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