Daily Lessons for Teaching The Girl With Seven Names

Lee, Hyeonseo
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction, Prologue, and Chapters 1-9)


Students will study the characterization methods used by an author who wants the reader to build a relationship with a particular individual in service of a particular literary theme.

One of the main focal points within the book The Girl with Seven Names is the closeness of the bond between Hyeonseo and her mother. To this end, Hyeonseo Lee uses vivid description and various characterization methods in order to breathe life into her mother. It is crucial that the author get across to the reader the details of the life her mother led before she was separated from her daughter for nearly a decade due to the totalitarian rule of the Kim family of North Korea. By seeing how deeply an author can get across the essence of a person within a work of nonfiction, students will see how authors go about shaping a reader's experience...

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