The Girl With Seven Names Fun Activities

Lee, Hyeonseo
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Save Three Items

Write a reflection about the three items you would retrieve if you rushed into your burning home to save a few treasured objects. Include reasons for your three choices and contrast your choices with the choices of Hyeonseo's father in the memoir.

Draw A Map

Create a map of China, South Korea, and North Korea. Plot on the map locations that Hyeonseo discusses within the text.

Watch A Documentary

Watch the documentary entitled Big Bang in Pyongyang detailing the unprecedented access that was provided to Dennis Rodman upon his visit to spend time with Kim Jong-un in 2014.

Act Out A Scene

Choose a suspenseful scene within the text, such as Hyeonseo's near-death experience under the train, her stint of being held hostage by gangsters, or her last-minute evasion of a passport-check on the train to South Korea. Create a script out of this scene, complete...

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