The Girl With Seven Names Character Descriptions

Lee, Hyeonseo
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This individual from a high status North Korean family takes a fateful trip across the river from North Korea to China at the age of 17, driven by a desire for individualism. This individual lives with an aunt and uncle for a time, but ultimately leaves and must live under several different aliases in order to evade being discovered as a North Korean defector, while also working to build her own life and eventually help her mother and brother leave North Korea as well.

Hyeonseo's Mother

This person, the author's mother, is a North Korean woman with extremely high standards, a stubborn streak, and is a skilled businesswoman. She encourages her daughter's individualism and is eventually helped by her daughter to escape North Korea and settle in South Korea.


This person is the protagonist's brother, although technically they do not share the same biological father. As an adult...

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