The Girl With Seven Names Character Descriptions

Lee, Hyeonseo
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This author and first-person narrator of the memoir took a fateful trip across the river from North Korea to China at the age of 17, using several different aliases to avoid being discovered as a North Korean defector. This memoir is the story of her long and arduous journey to becoming a free citizen of South Korea.

Hyeonseo's Mother

This individual is a North Korean woman with the sharply-honed skills of a strong businesswoman. Growing up and living in a border town near the Chinese-North Korean border, she worked often in border trading.


This half-brother of the author worked on the black market while living in North Korea. He was eventually forced to defect along with his mother when he was sighted crossing into China.


This Australian man made the memoirist's acquaintance in Laos and supplied her with the money needed to release her mother, brother, and...

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