Objects & Places from The Girl Who Owned a City

O.T. Nelson
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Grand Avenue/Grandville

Where Lisa and Todd live.

Grand Avenue Militia

A coalition formed by several children in an effort to protect themselves from the local gangs.

Jewel Grocery Warehouse

Referred to by Lisa as the Secret Place, this is where Lisa gets a great deal of food.

Swift Road Farm

Where Lisa finds stores of food and where Craig decides to live.

Chidester Gang

A local gang that forms after the destruction of the virus, lead by Tom Logan.

Lake Ellyn

Where the children go to celebrate and where Todd gets water.

Todd's Trumpet

The instrument used as an alarm signal on Grand Avenue.

The Triangle

Woods that border Grand Avenue, and where the Chidester gang sometimes hides.

Glenbard High School

The building that Lisa and her neighborhood's kids convert into a castle, turning the school into Lisa's city.

The Beat-up Old Cadillac

The vehicle Lisa uses...

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