The Girl Who Owned a City Character Descriptions

O.T. Nelson
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Lisa Nelson

The ten-year-old girl who comes up with the idea of moving all the children together for safety.

Todd Nelson

Lisa's young brother.

Tom Logan

The head of a local gang called the Chidester Gang.

Craig Bergman

A twelve-year-old who takes care of his young sister and enjoys gardening.

Jill Jansen

A girl who takes in homeless children plus her two young sisters.

Julie Harris

Lisa's former best friend.

Charlie Harris

Julie Harris' brother.

Cheryl and Steve Cole

Two of Lisa's neighbors who are struggling to survive before Grandville is formed.


One of the little girls who lives with Jill, she has the idea to use fire extinguishers to help defend against gangs.

Erika Bergman

Craig's younger sister.

Scott Donald Mennie

The leader of a gang in a nearby town who laughs at the idea of a girl leader.

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