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Stieg Larsson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who makes the motion to have Salander's trial held behind closed doors?
(a) Annika.
(b) Ekstrom.
(c) Salander.
(d) Blomkvist.

2. What does Salander do once she has her cell phone in the hospital?
(a) Talks to people around the clock.
(b) Calls the police for help.
(c) Starts sending emails to all her college friends.
(d) Begins her own research.

3. What is Clinton arrested for in Chapter 26?
(a) A speeding ticket.
(b) Attempted murder and being an accomplice to murder.
(c) Fraud.
(d) False imprisonment of Salander all these years.

4. What does Figuerola refus to tell Blomkvist about the meeting she takes him to in Chapter 17?
(a) Why she picked such a fancy restaurant.
(b) Whether or not it's tapped.
(c) How she got the keys to such a fancy mansion.
(d) The location.

5. What does Ekstrom think about Salander's claims that Bjurman raped her when the trial first begins?
(a) He thinks he can make her lose her temper.
(b) He knows about the video tape.
(c) He thinks she is lying.
(d) He thinks she is telling the truth.

6. Who does Berger call after her home is broken into in Chapter 17?
(a) Blomkvist.
(b) Salander.
(c) Figuerola.
(d) Milton Security.

7. What surprising item in Salander's apartment does she find when she returns after her trial?
(a) An eviction notice.
(b) A threatening email.
(c) A dead mouse.
(d) A note from Blomkvist.

8. What documents of Ekstrom's does Salander show Blomkvist in Chapter 16?
(a) Ones that show he's really on their side.
(b) Ones that show he's into child pornography.
(c) Ones that show he's incompetent as an attorney.
(d) Ones that show he's working with people at SIS.

9. Who hires hitmen to kill Blomkvist?
(a) Nystrom and Clinton.
(b) Armansky and Ekstrom.
(c) Nystrom and Berger.
(d) Clinton and Berger.

10. Where does Dr. Jonasson leave Salander's cell phone for her to find it?
(a) Inside a new set of pajamas.
(b) Inside the bathroom.
(c) Under her pillow.
(d) Inside a drawer by her bed.

11. After an IM conversation, what does Berger allow Salander to do?
(a) Hack into Blomkvist's computer.
(b) Hack into her boss's computer.
(c) Hack into her employees' computers.
(d) Hack into the SMP computer system.

12. How does Berger feel about her work situation at the end of Part 2?
(a) Unsure but optimistic.
(b) Excited and eager.
(c) Fearful and angry.
(d) Happy and content.

13. What does the Section become most concerned with in Chapter 23?
(a) The story about Borgsjo.
(b) Berger's new job.
(c) Salander's autobiography.
(d) Blomkvist's relationship with Figuerola.

14. Who does Modig see meeting with Teleborian in Chapter 20?
(a) Armansky.
(b) The Prime Minister.
(c) No one; it's all a set-up.
(d) Faste and Ekstrom.

15. What does Salander begin to write as she recovers in the hospital?
(a) The biography of Blomkvist.
(b) Her own life story.
(c) A science fiction novel.
(d) The story of how she fell in love with Blomkvist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose computer does Blomkvist use to do his work when he's at Salander's?

2. What does the Prime Minister decide about the current charges Salander faces in Chapter 15?

3. How can Salander's clothes during the trial best be described?

4. What does Salander surprise Annika by asking her once the trial is over?

5. What does Ekstrom say during Salander's trial when faced with overwhelming evidence about Salander's mistreatment?

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