The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stieg Larsson
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Part 1, Chapters 1-4

• Chapter 1: "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" picks up the day after the previous novel left off. Two people, Salander and her father, Zalachenko, are being airlifted to a hospital. Both have been shot, although Salander took a bullet to her brain. Dr. Jonasson is assigned to both of them.

• Although Blomkvist found Salander and saved her life by calling for help, he is treated poorly by the local forces, including Inspector Paulsson. Blomkvist tries to warn Paulsson about Niedermann but his warnings are ignored. One police officer is killed and another is badly beaten because of this ignored warning.

• Blomkvist eventually connects with the original officers assigned to Salander's case, including officers Bublanski, Modig, Blomberg, and Erlander.
• Chapter 2: The police discuss Salander's case. They suspect that Salander's guardian, Bjurman, hired Zalachenko to kill Salander. They also know that Bjurman raped Salander; he has...

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