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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Tony Malarkey living behind a bolted door in his apartment?
(a) So the police will be kept out.
(b) So the landlord can't evict him.
(c) So his ex-wife can't get in.
(d) So his demons won't find him.

2. When is Marion coming back?
(a) In a couple weeks.
(b) Next week.
(c) Never.
(d) In a month.

3. Who is the girl that Dangerfield talks to at the party in #90?
(a) Siobbian.
(b) Aggie.
(c) Mary.
(d) Madlyn.

4. From whom does Dangerfield receive a surprise letter?
(a) Marion.
(b) Mary.
(c) His father.
(d) Chris.

5. What does a chambermaid's suggestion prompt Dangerfield to do?
(a) Eat dinner.
(b) Tidy his room.
(c) Take a bath.
(d) Get some sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dangerfield offer to take Lilly with him?

2. What is one of the first things Mary does when she gets to London?

3. What food does Miss Frost prepare for Dangerfield?

4. What does Dangerfield borrow from Parnell?

5. In Dangerfield's dream he buys millions of ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dangerfield's change in his personal hygiene reflect his move into a wealthier lifestyle?

2. How do Dangerfield and Lilly differ in their views about consequences?

3. Who is Perry Clocklan and where does Dangerfield encounter him?

4. Why does Miss Frost regret going to bed with Dangerfield?

5. Why does Dangerfield believe that his father's death is the end to all of Dangerfield's problems?

6. Why has Mary's true personality emerged since meeting Dangerfield?

7. In what way is O'Keefe similar to Dangerfield?

8. How does Dangerfield's upswing in Chapter 19 come at the expense of Mary and O'Keefe?

9. Contrast the worlds of Mary and Dangerfield.

10. How does Dangerfield's move from Dublin to London show the difference between poverty and wealth?

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