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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the girl that Dangerfield talks to at the party in #90?
(a) Siobbian.
(b) Madlyn.
(c) Aggie.
(d) Mary.

2. What other piece of news does O'Keefe tell Dangerfield when he meets him in Dublin?
(a) Felicity is very ill.
(b) Clocklan has killed himself.
(c) Dangerfield's father has died.
(d) Marion is dating again.

3. O'Keefe tells Dangerfield that Tony Malarkey spends all his days __________________-.
(a) drinking.
(b) making toys.
(c) reading.
(d) staring into space.

4. What does Dangerfield borrow from Parnell?
(a) Topcoat.
(b) A clean shirt.
(c) Car.
(d) Money.

5. Lady Eclair had told O'Keefe that every person must ____________________.
(a) care for his own soul.
(b) study French.
(c) floss his teeth.
(d) learn to cook.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary offer to give to Dangerfield?

2. What item of Lilly's does Dangerfield consider stealing?

3. Where does Dangerfield go as he waits for his boat to London?

4. What is the inscription on a fountain that Dangerfield sees?

5. Which friend does Dangerfield phone from his hotel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is religion an important theme in the novel?

2. Why does Miss Frost regret going to bed with Dangerfield?

3. Why is Miss Frost so conflicted by having sex with Dangerfield?

4. What is the role of women in Ireland as evidenced by the lives of Lilly and Mary?

5. In what way is Mary different from Dangerfield?

6. Who is the last person in his Dublin experience that Dangerfield visits before leaving for London?

7. Describe the dire straits in which Tony Malarkey is living.

8. Why is Dangerfield so devastated by the terms of his father's will?

9. Describe Dangerfield's indulgent behavior when he learns that Marion has left him.

10. Why does Dangerfield believe that his father's death is the end to all of Dangerfield's problems?

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