The Ginger Man Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the premise of THE GINGER MAN?

Ginger Man follows Sebastian Dangerfield, a young law student from a wealthy American family, as he drops out of Dublin University law school, makes a mess of his early marriage, and drinks his way through the Dublin pubs. Dangerfield is a womanizer whose only ambition is not to work. He finds himself in squalor and poverty, moving to London, wrecking relationship after relationship, and finally discovering it will be twenty more years before he can expect any inheritance from his wealthy father's death.

2. Who is Kenneth O'Keefe and where does Dangerfield invite him to go in Chapter 1?

Sebastian Dangerfield encounters his friend Kenneth O'Keefe, a fellow student at Trinity College, Dublin University, in a bar in Dublin. Both American students are broke, waiting for checks from the G.I. Bill. Dangerfield has just pawned an electric fire, so he buys O'Keefe a drink. Dangerfield says his wife Marion and baby Felicity have gone to her parents. They've got a creaking old house in an outlying town, and Dangerfield asks O'Keefe to visit.

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