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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29-31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. O'Keefe asks Dangerfield about the money Dangerfield owes him because O'Keefe is saving up for _______________.
(a) a new wardrobe.
(b) a prostitute.
(c) a house.
(d) a car.

2. Where does Dangerfield go as he waits for his boat to London?
(a) Trinity College.
(b) A pub.
(c) A bookstore.
(d) A cafe.

3. What problem can O'Keefe not seem to overcome?
(a) Fear of flying.
(b) Stuttering.
(c) His virginity.
(d) Failing at tests.

4. What does Marion receive in the mail that emboldens her?
(a) A check from Dangerfield's father.
(b) A love letter from a secret admirer.
(c) An inheritance check.
(d) A job offer.

5. Dangerfield thinks that everything will be OK with him and Marion ______________________.
(a) when they move back to America.
(b) when the baby is a little older.
(c) when they have money.
(d) when Dangerfield is out of school.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dangerfield call his landlady during dinner?

2. What does Dangerfield do to calm himself after a fight with Marion?

3. To whom does Dangerfield write a letter complaining about his financial woes?

4. What type of business does O'Keefe want to start?

5. What does Miss Frost prepare for Dangerfield before bedtime?

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