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At the beginning of the book, Dangerfield lives in a run-down, creaky, spooky old house on a steep cliff, on Balscaddoon Road in this town.


This is the gathering place in Dublin where Dangerfield goes for coffee and drinks.

1 Mohammed Road, The Rock

Dangerfield and his wife move to a ramshackle, small house at this address where the toilet pipes burst and which is always in disrepair.

Blessed Oliver Plunkett

He is an Irish saint who Dangerfield thanks for any good that happens to him throughout the novel and to whom he appeals for help.

Sheep's Head

This is Dangerfield's favorite dish which Marion finds repulsive.

11 Golden Vale Park, The Geary

When Marion gets a check from Dangerfield's father, she takes the money and moves to a nice little house at this address.

The Catacombs

This is the apartment where Tony Malarkey lives and where he's...

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