The Ginger Man Character Descriptions

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Sebastian Dangerfield

He is the son of a wealthy man, but he's been in trouble all of his life and is estranged from his father and cut off from his family's money.

Kenneth O'Keefe

He is an American studying at Dublin University and suffers from perpetual virginity.

Marion Dangerfield

She was born of a high class family and appreciates social niceties.

Felicity Dangerfield

She is Sebastian and Marion's baby girl.

Christine (Chris)

She is half Irish and half Russian and comes to Dublin to study nursing but doesn't like the work or the pay.

Egbert Skully

He is Dangerfield's landlord at 1 Mohammed Road, where Dangerfield has a three-year lease.

Lilly Frost

She is a botanist working for a seed company and is a sincere Catholic.

Percy Clocklan

On a boat, he writes a suicide note and throws it in the water in a whiskey bottle.

Tony Malarkey


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