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Chapters 1-2

• Sebastian Dangerfield, a young law student from a wealthy American family, encounters a fellow student, Kenneth O'Keefe, at Trinity College, Dublin University, Dublin, Ireland.

• Dangerfield and O'Keefe are both broke and waiting on their G.I. Bill checks to arrive.

• Dangerfield is married to a woman named Marion and they have a baby daughter named Felicity.

• Dangerfield invites O'Keefe to come to his creaky, rented house for a few days while Marion is out of town.

• Dangerfield feigns an upper class persona to gain credit at a local store in order to buy some food and liquor for O'Keefe's visit.
• O'Keefe is obsessed with sex and envies Dangerfield his wife because it means regular sex.

• O'Keefe talks about his virginity and his inability to remedy his situation regardless of his efforts to find the right girl.

Chapters 3-4

• Dangerfield dreads the return of Marion and Felicity...

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