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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Married to Tolstoy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Nathan try to write a letter to in Lonoff's study?
(a) Lonoff.
(b) His father.
(c) Betsy.
(d) Amy.

2. What do Lonoff's friends call him?
(a) Dory.
(b) Lonny.
(c) Manny.
(d) Izzy.

3. What did the nurses call Amy?
(a) Anne Frank.
(b) Graceful Cutie.
(c) Tiny Dancer.
(d) Little Beauty.

4. What does Lonoff throw out in the morning in Chapter 4?
(a) His razor blade.
(b) His typewriter.
(c) His paper.
(d) His clothes.

5. How long does it take Amy to get the diary?
(a) Five months.
(b) Four months.
(c) Two months.
(d) Three months.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes a letter to Nathan at Quahsay?

2. How many letters does Lonoff have?

3. Who does Amy feel responsible to in Chapter 3?

4. What does Nathan's father say people read about instead of reading art?

5. Who writes a college admissions letter for Nathan?

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