The Ghost Writer Character Descriptions

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Nathan Zuckerman

This character is looking for a mentor.

E.I. 'Manny' Lonoff

This character is easily distracted and interested in little about the culture of writing.

Hope Lonoff

This character is the child of wealthy southerners who married below their station in life.

Amy Bellette

This character wrote a letter several years earlier, asking for help in coming to America.

Dr. Zuckerman

This character is a podiatrist and is offended by a short story that perpetuates Jewish stereotypes.

Essie and Sidney

These characters are the twin boys of a widow.

Judge and Mrs. Wapter

These characters are highly respected in the Jewish neighborhood and question a short story passed along to them.


This character is a professional dancer.

Anne Frank

This character lived in Amsterdam during World War II.


This character helps get a college recommendation letter written.

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