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Chapter 1, Maestro

• Nathan Zuckerman is a short story writer. The book opens with him 20 years ago when he first started writing.

• Zuckerman goes to visit his literary idol, E.I. Lonoff, who Zuckerman hopes will become his mentor.

• Lonoff is an established writer living with his wife and a young student in the Berkshires.

• Zuckerman admires Lonoff, although Lonoff has not been warmly accepted in the New York City writing world that Zuckerman wants to be a part of.
• Zuckerman's desire to be like Lonoff extends to the way Lonoff lives as Zuckerman admires Lonoff's home. Zuckerman tells himself he will live like this one day.

• Zuckerman tells Lonoff about his day job as a magazine salesman, and Lonoff describes his days spent writing and a few days a week teaching at a local university.

• Zuckerman notices a young girl in the next room. He first thinks it...

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