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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Skippey want to see at Botanic Gardens?

2. At the beginning of Part 4, Section 20, who is Fred preparing to address?

3. At the end of the section, who believes that two bodies have been recently buried on Guestingley Road?

4. What does Mrs. Wrayburn accept from Daisy as a parting gift?

5. What motion does Skippey want discussed next week at the Disobligers' Society's meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Fred go after leaving the courtroom? Why?

2. Who suddenly appears in the courtroom? What knowledge does he share about the accident?

3. At the beginning of Part 3, Section 14, Fred is still attempting to write a letter to Daisy. Why does he not want to throw away his previous attempts? How much contact has he actually had with Daisy at this point?

4. When Daisy returns to the hospital after visiting the newspaper, what does she discover about patient 23? Who is patient 23?

5. While taking a country walk, where do Fred and Daisy stop? What do they find inside on the floor? What comment does Fred make after their discovery?

6. Who helps Fred after his brawl with Kelly? Where do they take Kelly?

7. Why does Daisy lose her job at the hospital? Where does she intend to seek her next job?

8. At the beginning of Part 4, Section 20, who does Fred call after arriving back at St. Angelicus following the day in court ? Why?

9. How does Daisy respond to Kelly's remarks during her newspaper office visit?

10. In Part 3, Section 15, why does Mr. Wrayburn regret his having been hospitable to Fred and Daisy after their biking accident?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fred visits his father because he wants to share that he is now an unbeliever. He corrects his title to a "conditional unbeliever." 1) According to Fred, what is the difference between an "unbeliever" and a "conditional unbeliever"? 2) Which title is more appropriate for Fred? Why? Give at least three examples of Fred's reactions to story events that support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Daisy's early life is one of poverty and love. 1) Discuss Daisy's early lifestyle with her mother in London. 2) What values were instilled in Daisy by her mother's own work ethic? 3) How could the relationship between Daisy and her mother be described? Give details for support.

Essay Topic 3

Fred attends the Disobliger's Society to speak in favor of the soul's existence. This motion, of course, is against his present unbelief. 1) What is Fred's childhood connection to religion? 2) Why would this connection make it easier for him to defend this motion? 3) What scientific reasons does Fred give for rebuking his childhood's beliefs?

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