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Short Answer Questions

1. What question does Fred ask Daisy concerning Kelly?

2. Who looks at a sink loaded with dishes from her husband's daily meals?

3. At the beginning of Part 4, Section 17, who is regarding Fred's bicycle accident as mysterious?

4. Who does Skippey want to see at Botanic Gardens?

5. What impresses Daisy about the meadow?

Short Essay Questions

1. While taking a country walk, where do Fred and Daisy stop? What do they find inside on the floor? What comment does Fred make after their discovery?

2. While waiting in the courtroom, what does Fred notice about Daisy's appearance? When does her appearance become even more noticeable to Fred?

3. What door does Daisy reach that is standing open? What does she hear as she tries to walk away from the door? Who does she encounter as a result of a delay?

4. When Daisy returns to the hospital after visiting the newspaper, what does she discover about patient 23? Who is patient 23?

5. Who is cited concerning Fred's accident? What are the charges?

6. At the beginning of Part 3, Section 14, Fred is still attempting to write a letter to Daisy. Why does he not want to throw away his previous attempts? How much contact has he actually had with Daisy at this point?

7. Fred asks Daisy why she lied in court about not knowing Kelly. What answer is Fred hoping to hear from Daisy? What answer does Daisy give?

8. In Part 3, Section 15, why does Mr. Wrayburn regret his having been hospitable to Fred and Daisy after their biking accident?

9. How does Daisy respond to Kelly's remarks during her newspaper office visit?

10. Who comes to visit Fred in Cambridge? What does Fred reveal to the visitors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fellows of St. Angelicus are not allowed to marry. What are possible reasons for this rule? Are the reasons still valid for continuing this practice? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Fred leads a peaceful life with no thought of malice until Kelly takes the witness stand at the farmer's trial. 1) What provokes Fred to "lie in wait" at the tea house for Kelly's emergence from the courtroom? 2) What is ironic about Fred's place of choice for waiting? 3) Why is the reason for Fred's anger at Kelly ironic?

Essay Topic 3

The allowance left by Daisy's aunt stops after her mother's death. Daisy decides to apply for work at Blackfriars Hospital. 1) Describe Daisy's visit to the hospital's employment office. 2) What happens that might discourage another applicant from waiting on an interview with the matron? 3) In spite of the less than encouraging atmosphere during the hiring process, why is Daisy not deterred from her goal of working at the hospital?

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