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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in charge of Dr. Matthews' story's expedition?

2. Who is Fred waiting on after court?

3. Who is interviewing Daisy for a "vacancy" while riding in the country?

4. Who visits Fred during the week of the Disobligers' Society debates?

5. Where does Fred go to pick up his gown before speaking?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The story opens with a stormy scene. The road to Cambridge has been strewn with willow branches. 1) Discuss an analogy that can be drawn between the strewn willow branches and Daisy's life. 2) How does the storm foreshadow a change in Fred's life?

Essay Topic 2

Fred meets Daisy after a biking accident. 1) Describe the first meeting between Fred and Daisy. 2) What is a plausible explanation for Fred's love at first sight? 3) How does Daisy's inaccessibility fuel Fred's feelings?

Essay Topic 3

Daisy's mother dies a short time after their visit to Selfridge's opening. 1) How does the chaos during the store's opening foreshadow upheaval in Daisy's life? 2) What analogy can be drawn from the store's "opening" to Daisy's life?

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