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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the debate group in Part 1, Section 6?

2. In Part 1, Section 5, who is a former choirboy?

3. Who rescues Pope Benedict's head from a ditch?

4. How old is Fred's college?

5. Who was Fred's tutor for advanced practical physics?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Professor Flowerdew's religious beliefs?

2. Recalling Daisy's childhood described in this section, where do Daisy and her mother shop? How does her mother earn a living? How does Daisy contribute to their support?

3. Describe the artwork that is above the Great Gate.

4. At the beginning of Part I, Section 5, what decision is Fred about to act on concerning his father? Why is this a difficult decision?

5. What is Daisy's new position at Blackfriars Hospital? Describe one of the routines that Daisy performs everyday.

6. According to Dr. Matthews, how is science affecting the Fellows?

7. Why is the use of the word "fortunate" in reference to Flowerdew's appointment a shock to Fred?

8. Explain Mrs. Wrayburn's statement that she wouldn't have mistaken Daisy as being Fred's wife after the accident if she had known he was a Fellow at St. Angelicus.

9. During the debate, who enters the room to speak to Fred? What does he tell Fred?

10. In Part 2, Section 11, who tries to commit suicide by jumping into the Thames? What is the outcome of the attempt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Daisy's early life is one of poverty and love. 1) Discuss Daisy's early lifestyle with her mother in London. 2) What values were instilled in Daisy by her mother's own work ethic? 3) How could the relationship between Daisy and her mother be described? Give details for support.

Essay Topic 2

Dr. Matthews is both a fan and critic of the Fellows . 1) Discuss these two sides of his relationship with the Fellows. 2) How do the Fellows view Dr. Matthews? Give details for support.

Essay Topic 3

Fred seems to be very much in awe of the work of a particular scientist named Rutherford. Taking all of Fred's comments and actions into account, is his reverence for Rutherford genuine or a contrived? Give several details for support.

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