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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tom Kelly, who is he trying to protect from embarrassment?
(a) Mrs. Hinton.
(b) Mrs. Wrayburn.
(c) Fred Fairly.
(d) Daisy Saunders.

2. How does Fred anticipate that he will awaken a sleeping Professor Flowerdew?
(a) On the piano.
(b) By sending his assistant.
(c) With the Hall's harp.
(d) By calling.

3. Who invites Herbert Wrayburn to dine at Angels?
(a) The Master.
(b) Fred Fairly.
(c) Professor Flowerdew.
(d) Thomas Kelly.

4. At the end of the section, who believes that two bodies have been recently buried on Guestingley Road?
(a) The Provost of St. James.
(b) Fred Fairly.
(c) Dr. Matthews.
(d) Dr. Sage.

5. Who owns the paper?
(a) The printers.
(b) James Elder.
(c) Mr. Kelly.
(d) Mr. Sweedon.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year is the setting for Dr.Matthews' story?

2. Who does Fred Fairly wish to marry?

3. What impresses Daisy about the meadow?

4. What news does the visitor bring to Fred?

5. What name does Daisy give one of the flowers in the meadow?

Short Essay Questions

1. What door does Daisy reach that is standing open? What does she hear as she tries to walk away from the door? Who does she encounter as a result of a delay?

2. Who helps Fred after his brawl with Kelly? Where do they take Kelly?

3. Why does Daisy lose her job at the hospital? Where does she intend to seek her next job?

4. In Part 4, Section 21, after his lecture, where does Fred go looking for "Nurse Saunders"? What does Fred discover about Daisy's new job?

5. Who has written Fred another note about Daisy Saunders? What does the note say about Daisy?

6. At the beginning of Part 4, Section 20, who does Fred call after arriving back at St. Angelicus following the day in court ? Why?

7. When Daisy returns to the hospital after visiting the newspaper, what does she discover about patient 23? Who is patient 23?

8. While taking a country walk, where do Fred and Daisy stop? What do they find inside on the floor? What comment does Fred make after their discovery?

9. Who is cited concerning Fred's accident? What are the charges?

10. Why is Daisy back in Cambridge in Part 3, Section 14? Where is she staying and why?

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