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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Fred decide to tell about his lack of religious convictions?
(a) His father.
(b) Dr. Matthews.
(c) The Provost.
(d) Professor Flowedew.

2. Who asks Fred to join the evening's Disobligers' Society debate?
(a) Thorpe.
(b) Skippey.
(c) Beazeley.
(d) The Master of the College.

3. At the end of Part 1, Section 1, to whom is Fred penning a note?
(a) Skippey.
(b) Miss Saunders.
(c) Mrs. Wrayburn.
(d) Professor Horne.

4. After saying thank you, where is Miss Saunders going?
(a) To London.
(b) To Paris.
(c) To the Rectory.
(d) To the Wrayburns' home.

5. What is the only thing in working order at the Rectory.
(a) The new back gate.
(b) The doorbell.
(c) The front door.
(d) The front gate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who refruses to let the constable see James Elder?

2. Who leaves from the debate with Fred?

3. At the beginning of Part 1, Section 7, how many weeks have passed since Fred's bicycle accident?

4. Why do patients trust Dr. Sage?

5. What adjective does the Provost use to describe Holcombe?

Short Essay Questions

1. During the debate, who enters the room to speak to Fred? What does he tell Fred?

2. What mistake does Daisy make concerning Dr. Sage?

3. According to Fred, what is meant by "conditional unbelief"?

4. How does Fred's father react to Fred's news that he is now a non-believer? What does the father ask of Fred?

5. What happens to Daisy's mother after visiting the opening of Selfridge Department Store? How is Daisy affected by this mentally? What changes occur in Daisy's lifestyle after the event?

6. How many notes are waiting for Fred when he returns to his room at the beginning of the book? Who are the notes from?

7. What incident does Fred recall concerning Daisy and a recent biking trip? Give details about the incident.

8. Which jobs did Fred inherit with his Junior Fellowship?

9. In Part 2, Section 11, who tries to commit suicide by jumping into the Thames? What is the outcome of the attempt?

10. Describe the artwork that is above the Great Gate.

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