The Gate of Angels Fun Activities

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Extra! Extra!

Write a newspaper article telling about Fred and Daisy's biking accident.

Ghostly Tale

Write a ghost story based on Pope Benedict, who was beheaded after founding St. Angelicus.

I Spy

Create a word search using the story's characters.

Dear Diary

Create a diary entry written by Daisy on the eve of her bicycle accident.

Scrambled Letters

Choose any character's name. Using the name's letters, form as many three or more letter words as possible.

Thank You Note

Write a thank you note from Daisy to the Wrayburns for their hospitality.

Love Letter

Write a friendly letter from Fred to Daisy .

Find an appropriate quote for each of the following characters: Fred, Daisy, Mr. Wrayburn, Dr. Matthews, Tom Kelly.

Cow Tea Recipe

Make a recipe for your own brew that's good for what ails you.

Map of St. Angelicus

Draw a campus map of the...

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