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Essay Topic 1

The story opens with a stormy scene. The road to Cambridge has been strewn with willow branches. 1) Discuss an analogy that can be drawn between the strewn willow branches and Daisy's life. 2) How does the storm foreshadow a change in Fred's life?

Essay Topic 2

Early in the story, Fred appears to be a one-dimensional character. Discuss Fred's early persona. Identify qualities that emerge as Fred interacts with specific story characters.

Essay Topic 3

St. Angelicus has the dubious distinction of being founded by Pope Benedict, who was later dethroned. Discuss the unsettling history of the place that is now considered to be the home of "logic and reason."

Essay Topic 4

Fellows of St. Angelicus are not allowed to marry. What are possible reasons for this rule? Are the reasons still valid for continuing this practice? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 5

1) Discuss at least four instances in...

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