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Part 1, Section 1

• As a storm brews in the college town of Cambridge, Fred Fairly is biking to his college, St. Angelicus.
• Upon arriving at the college, Fred is told by Beazeley that he has three urgent messages.

• The note from Skippey asks Fred to take part in the evening's debate, which is sponsored by the Disobliger's Society.

• Fred begins a note to "Miss Saunders."

Part 1, Section 2

• The history of St. Angelicus is noteworthy. It was established by Pope Benedict, who was dethroned in 1396.

• St. Angelicus is the smallest college in Cambridge.
• Fred Fairly is a Junior Fellow at St. Angelicus.

• Fellows are not allowed to marry.

Part 1, Section 3

• Fred meets with Professor Flowerdew, who is responsible for Fred's Fellow position.

• Fred and the Professor discuss physics and its future over the next century.
• Professor Flowerdew mentions his need of an assistant to keep the fifteenth instruments tuned.

• Fred...

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