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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Colonists start attacking the British forces in Chapter 3?
(a) For equal rights as citizens.
(b) For more protection.
(c) For more land.
(d) For less taxes.

2. What happens to John Wood in Chapter 2?
(a) He falls off a cliff.
(b) He is bitten by a spider.
(c) He is bitten by a copperhead snake.
(d) He is bitten by a dog.

3. In Chapter 4, who is Girty about to work for?
(a) The Spanish.
(b) The Indians.
(c) The British.
(d) The Americans.

4. What is remarkable about the canoe of men that Simon helps one night?
(a) One of them is his brother
(b) One of them is his father.
(c) One of them is William Leachmann.
(d) One of them is his sworn enemy.

5. Where is Simon when Chapter 3 begins?
(a) Canada.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Virginia.
(d) Ohio.

Short Answer Questions

1. What challenge do the Indians force Simon to pass?

2. Who adopts Boone in Chapter 4?

3. Whom does Simon fight before running away?

4. What year does Chapter 6 begin with?

5. What does Simon notice while up the tree?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Simon Kenton start stealing horses?

2. How is Simon adopted into the Shawnee tribe?

3. What role does Simon Kenton play in the battles with the Indians in Chapter 2?

4. How is Boone captured, and what happens to him thereafter?

5. How is Simon rescued?

6. What is the Shawnee Nation divided over in Chapter 5?

7. Who is Ruth?

8. What crime does Simon Kenton think that he has committed in Chapter 1?

9. What was Simon Kenton known for as a youth and why?

10. How does Simon find out in Chapter 5 that he can use his real name once again?

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