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White Rock Ridge

This is an area near Kenton's birth town where he fights with William Leachman.

Bull Run Mountain

This is the place where the Kenton family hold their land as share croppers.

Middle Land

This consists of the western 'frontier' lands of the United States, known at the time for its almost mythical amounts of food, wild game and plenty.

Warm Springs

Simon calls this small town the "jumping off place" to the frontier.


Simon names his gun this to remind him of the first friendly person who helped him once he had left home.

Kispoko Town

This is the town where Marmaduke Van Swearington is taken and adopted into an Indian tribe and assumes the name of Blue Jacket.

Pleasant Point

It is at this site that Simon Kenton camps and is discovered by the Greathouse party after fleeing an Indian attack. Kenton also...

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