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Frontier Wish List

What animals, sights, places and scenes would you like to see that are reminiscent of the Frontier life? Make a collage of images of all the things that you would like to see in your life. Black Bears? Yellowstone Park? An traditional Indian ceremony in a reservation? Falcons? A waterfall?

Declaration of State

Form your own state from the 1700s. What is it called? What are its laws? Where is it located?

Learn Indian Signs

Research and learn in groups a variety of Indian signs, markings and gestures. What sign indicates which tribe?

Scouting Skills

Using a guidebook or not, go on a field trip with the rest of your class and identify local trees just by their leaves, bark, flowers or fruit etc.

Choose Your Indian Name

Choose your Indian name! Select your new name from important facts, favorite animals or recognizable features such...

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