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Chapter 1

• Simon Kenton, the protagonist, is born on April 3rd, 1755 to a poor farming family. Simon's opposite, the Indian Tecumseh, is born March 9th 1768 under auspicious signs.

• Simon grows up to be a lazy, rebellious misfit. He doesn't like working on the farm; he only likes being out in the woods. As he grows older, a woman promises herself to him only to later marry another man named William Leaching whom Simon attacks in a fight twice. The second time he fights William out of jealousy, Simon believes that he has beaten him to death and runs away from his family and hometown.

• Simon heads for the area west of White civilization known as the 'Middle Land' which is known to be rich in game and food, but is also Indian-held territory.

• Simon travels from settlement to settlement assuming others' names until he meets Dan Johnson, an ex-horse...

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