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Eliot Wigginton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the students say that stories about hunting inevitably turn to?
(a) Hunting tales.
(b) Lies.
(c) How their parents taught them to hunt.
(d) Tales about dogs.

2. What does Daniel live in?
(a) An old cargo van.
(b) Abandoned bread truck.
(c) An Indian tepee.
(d) A broke down school bus.

3. Which of these childhood illnesses was looked at in terms of faith healing?
(a) Measles.
(b) Thrush.
(c) Chicken pox.
(d) Polio.

4. What did the students promise not to print in their interview?
(a) Names.
(b) Ingredients.
(c) Still locations.
(d) Prison records.

5. What is one of the factors that slowed the production and appeal of moonshining?
(a) Modern medicine.
(b) Stop of prohibition.
(c) People realizes it was wrong to be drunk.
(d) Heavier law enforcement.

6. What is 'side meat' made into?
(a) Bacon.
(b) Pork chops.
(c) Ham.
(d) Sausage.

7. How long should the carcass of a possum be soaked before cooking to eat?
(a) Forty-eight hours.
(b) At least overnight.
(c) Doesn't have to be soaked.
(d) Two hours.

8. What can be used in place of a churn for quicker results?
(a) A cake pan.
(b) A jar.
(c) A frying pan.
(d) A wash tub.

9. What is it said that a joint snake can do?
(a) Bend itslef into severl 90 degree angles.
(b) Be broken into pieces and grow back together.
(c) Sing.
(d) Anywhere they bite you your closest joint bends permenently.

10. What do the students write the 'Faith Healing ' chapter admit in reference to their own beliefs about faith healing?
(a) They have absolutely no opinion about it.
(b) They want badly for it too work.
(c) They are skeptical.
(d) They don't believe in it.

11. What is the 'leaf lard?'
(a) The fat that held the intestines.
(b) The fat around the neck.
(c) The fat on the belly.
(d) The fat on the backbone.

12. What sometimes falls into the mash and drowns?
(a) Free range hogs.
(b) Coons.
(c) Deer.
(d) Squirrels.

13. What does Mrs. Algie Norton say makes the best Hominy?
(a) No such thing as good hominy.
(b) Small grain white corn.
(c) Big grain yellow corn.
(d) Big grain white corn.

14. What does the healer, Charley Tyler, say causes Thrush?
(a) Condemnation from God.
(b) Letting the child be dirty too long.
(c) Letting the child put somethin dirty in his mouth.
(d) A cat in the house.

15. What bit the preacher in Daniel's story?
(a) Rattlesnake.
(b) Bear.
(c) Dog.
(d) Beaver.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term do the mountain people use to describe houses, meadows or caves that they will refuse to enter?

2. Which of these is NOT a reason that some of the mountain people enjoy hunting?

3. What do you cut out of the hog's head before making souse and is one of the only things on the hog's head not used in souse?

4. Where is the art of moonshining said to have begun?

5. What type of milk should be used when churning butter?

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