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Eliot Wigginton
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Dressing and Cooking Wild Animal Foods".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fireplace once said to have been?
(a) Something that was often overlooked.
(b) The very center of home life.
(c) What brought families together.
(d) A fanciful thing that people desired.

2. What does Aunt Arie say she is going to make?
(a) Jerky.
(b) Sausage.
(c) Bacon.
(d) Souse Meat.

3. What mixture was put on a broken arm?
(a) Ashes and lye.
(b) Salt water and baccon grease.
(c) Red clay.
(d) Spider web and dirt.

4. What has caused the loss of the fine art of building a genuine log cabin?
(a) Trend toward an easier life.
(b) Desire for unique looking houses.
(c) Lack of trees.
(d) European influence.

5. What should you remove when making Tomato Catsup?
(a) Seeds and any dirt.
(b) Anything that doesn't look like catsup.
(c) Skin and seeds.
(d) Any bad spots and the skins.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Mrs. Algie Norton say she saw her first real mattress?

2. Which of these is NOT a reason that some of the mountain people enjoy hunting?

3. What ailment does Aunt Arie have according to the author?

4. How does Wigginton explain that the information in this book was originally given to the people that were interviewed?

5. What does Scrapple taste like according to Mrs. Mann Norton?

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