The Foxfire Book Fun Activities

Eliot Wigginton
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3-D Model

Create a 3-D model of one of the houses or scenes that is described by one of the people in the book. It can be put into a shoe box or any thing desired. Be sure and be creative. See how many of your classmates can identify the scene you have created.

Hog Head Cheese Restaurant

There is a restaurant that has been opened with the intent of using only recipes that have been gleaned from the Foxfire Book. Write a review of the food found there.


Write a eulogy for one of the people that was interviewed for Foxfire. Don't actually say a name. See if your classmates can identify the person based on your eulogy.

Faith Healers and Home Remedies

Create a business add for a new business that is being started up. If you have an ailment or need healing you can...

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