The Foxfire Book Character Descriptions

Eliot Wigginton
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Eliot Wigginton

This character is the original creator of Foxfire and is a driven teacher. Wigginton's educational philosophy rests not on punishment and traditional teaching methods, but on pushing his/her students to find their creative sides and to use that creativity to preserve the history of their ancestors. By saving his/her students, this character also saved the customs and folklore of the Appalachian Mountain people.

The Students/Authors

These characters are listed in the book's Index of Names. These characters worked diligently over the course of several months to present their articles and photographs.These characters also obtained their own funding, took the featured photographs, and consistently worked to achieve the highest of standards.

Aunt Arie

First interviewed for an article specifically about her life, this is a character used in many of the articles of the book due to his/her vast knowledge of traditional...

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