The Foxfire Book Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eliot Wigginton
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• Foxfire magazine is started in 1968 by a high school teacher named Eliot Wigginton who is trying to get his English students excited about class.

• The students are responsible for raising the funds for the magazine.

• The magazine sells out within the first week and more copies are ordered.

• Wigginton explains that he believes that more inventive teaching methods are more effective rather than stricter punishments.

"This is the Way I was Raised Up"

• The article 'This is the Way I was Raised Up' was written by Mrs. Marvin Watts and was printed just as it was written.

• Mrs. Marvin Watts explains how her father worked to raise everything her family ate.

• One Christmas Mrs. Watts says that each child got three pieces of candy and an orange and they were very happy to have gotten them.

• Mrs. Watts recalls the first time she and her family saw...

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