The Four Loves Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What topic(s) does author C.S. Lewis share with the reader in the opening pages of his book that relate to his personal experience about writing a book focused on love?

Author Lewis begins his book by writing about how he arrived at the decision to write about love, how he began to organize his thoughts, and some of the problems that he encountered.

2. What are the four types of love that the author mentions in relation to the forthcoming focus of his book?

The author mentions that he will be focusing on the following four love types: 1) Friendship; 2) Affection; 3) Eros; and 4) Charity.

3. What are the two categories that the author divides all love types into as he begins his discussion on the subject of love?

The author begins his discussion on love by categorizing all love types into either "need love" or "gift love."

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