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Bonds of Affectionappears in non-fiction

This is the most basic of loves with invisible threads that connect people at random despite differences in age, education, gender, and class; and sometimes even species.

The Cliffappears in non-fiction

This is symbolic of a person's location in relation to home; it requires a detour because of its lack of scalability.

Homeappears in non-fiction

This symbolizes the closest possible relationship with God.

The Gardenappears in non-fiction

This is used as a reference to the need to care for love in order for it to grow and flourish.

Companionshipappears in non-fiction

This is an enjoyable basis for friendship that carries a common interest with it.

Heavenappears in non-fiction

This is the site where comfort abounds, where earthly love will be manifested and be important only if founded with God.

Dr. Quartz's Homeappears in non-fiction

This is a favorite gathering place for students, from...

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