The Four Loves Fun Activities

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Sweet Sixteen Word Puzzle on Love

Ask students to create a Sweet Sixteen-word puzzle on love, consisting of 16 carefully chosen words from the text of The Four Loves.

Love Notes in Bottles

On small, square Post-It note-sized paper corresponding in number to the number of students in your class, write a few words or phrases describing any one of the four types of love that author C.S. Lewis writes about in his book. Fold small squares in half and place in a bottle with an opening large enough to allow students to draw one of the paper squares. Based on the description on the paper square that they draw, ask students to identify (orally) the love type that the words or phrases describe when called upon to do so.

Spelling Friendship with Your Friends & Family

Write the word, "Friendship" on the blackboard. Then select a student at...

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