The Four Loves Character Descriptions

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C.S. Lewis

This character shares thoughts on a wide range of topics, among them that earthly relationships should each have their own place.

The Patriot

May not be self-motivated to display devotion to family, class, and country, but may run the risk of losing sight of God due to an unhealthy level of love that may result in linkage to wickedness.

The Nature Lover

Not a suitable companion for either a botanist nor a landscape artist who tends to become so absorbed in the moods or spirit of nature that a change of work site or departure from the garden becomes necessary to facilitate devotion to God.

Mrs. Fidget

Overindulgence in the gifting of love upon family members results in distortion of this character's role, along with the deprivation of said family members' opportunity to develop self-sufficiency.

Dr. Quartz

Oblivious to having taught students well, this character...

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