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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Earth need a war to do?
(a) Unify its people
(b) Kill disease
(c) Create jobs
(d) Get rid of its bad elements

2. What do the Taurans fire at the humans?
(a) Missiles
(b) Spears
(c) Arrows
(d) Darts

3. Who propositions Mandella in this chapter?
(a) Hilliboe
(b) Diane
(c) Gauchin
(d) Charlie

4. What planet is Mandella's brother living on?
(a) Luna
(b) Terra
(c) Saturn
(d) Charon

5. What does Graubard use in an attempt to kill himself?
(a) His tie
(b) His stockings
(c) His trousers
(d) His belt

Short Answer Questions

1. Which member of Mandella's family is now dead?

2. Who lies in the bed opposite Mandella?

3. What do Mandella and Moore drink in the officer's lounge?

4. What does Mandella want to use to detonate the stasis field?

5. What would happen if the war suddenly came to an end?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mandella do immediately upon arriving at Stargate?

2. Summarize The Forever War story.

3. Why can Mandella's company be called test tube babies?

4. What was the Pacifist Movement?

5. What is Mandella's problem with Hilleboe in Chapter 3, Part 3?

6. How does the happy pill help Mandella when his ship is attacked?

7. What problems do Mandella and Moore identify when they explore the ship?

8. How does Graubard die?

9. Why does Mandella not put an end to the distillery run by the cooks?

10. Why does it seem that there are only two battles in the book?

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