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Doreen Rappaport
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On December 29, 1890, ______________ Indians were massacred at Wounded Knee.
(a) 221.
(b) nearly 100.
(c) over 300.
(d) 175.

2. What did Gertrude observe that was important to the Quaker teachers?
(a) Religious fervor.
(b) Female equality.
(c) Pacifism.
(d) Higher education.

3. What were the children not allowed to wear at the boarding school?
(a) Coats.
(b) Feathers.
(c) Boots.
(d) Moccasins.

4. Which disease did Gertrude contract while at college?
(a) Shingles.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Scarlet Fever.
(d) Malaria.

5. The Yankton Indians were part of which Indian nation?
(a) Chippewa.
(b) Cheyenne.
(c) Lakota.
(d) Sioux.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did some of the children at the boarding school sneak out to do?

2. Gertrude had a bad dream in which _________________ came to get Tate and her guest.

3. Who was Prairie Flower's ill husband?

4. Like many Indian children who attended boarding school, Gertrude suffered __________________.

5. Gertrude enjoyed the stories about which Indian character?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Gertrude able to attend college in Indiana?

2. Explain the symbolism in the story of Prairie Flower and Cloud Elk.

3. What publication did Gertrude write for when she was 24, and what was the content of her article?

4. Describe what daily life was like for the Indian children at the boarding school.

5. What was Gertrude's experience upon her arrival at the boarding school?

6. How did the Indian children's loneliness exhibit with them physically?

7. In what ways did Red Apple Country represent the white man's world to the Indian children?

8. Why did Captain Richard Henry Pratt develop the idea to remove Indian infants from their homes and transfer them to the homes of white people and how did this plan extend into reality?

9. How many times was Tate married, and how many children did she have?

10. How did Gertrude Bonnin get her name, and what would she change it to later in her life?

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